Ryazan Oxygen Plant "Cryogen" - a regional leader in the supply of cryogenic products, industrial, medical and food gases. The main products are oxygen and nitrogen of the highest quality. The company delivers cylinders, valves, gas analyzers, and other equipment, as well as providing related services.

"Cryogen" was established on 19 December 1995 and today is a reliable and successful company that uses cutting-edge technology and offers a full range of products and services range is constantly expanding. Gases plant "Cryogen" worthy rivals of global gas production companies - world leaders.


  •     Liquid oxygen (technical, medical, food, laser);
  •     liquid nitrogen (technical, food, laser);
  •     Carbon dioxide (white, food, laser);
  •     oxygen gas (technical, medical, food, laser);
  •     nitrogen gas (technical, food, laser);
  •     argon gas (technical);
  •     gas mixtures (welding, food).


  •     helium, acetylene, propane, hydrogen;
  •     cylinders kriotsilindr, gas analyzers, welding products, related products.


  •     on technical inspection of cylinders, delivery of dangerous goods, maintenance and repair of cryogenic equipment;
  •     for the production of candy bars and pallets for cylinders.

In 2012, was built and put into operation a new generation of air separation plant to develop a liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen. The device operates on the American technology with low-pressure cycle, is fully automated and controlled by computers. Its core is a centrifugal compressor is manufactured in the USA, which is able to work for two years without a stop for repairs and maintenance. Met and exceeded specifications on equipment performance - more than 25 tons / day of oxygen purity - up to 99.95 vol.% Nitrogen purity - up to 99.9995 vol.%.

The company has its own storage of equipment and materials for welding. In addition, the company "Cryogen" successfully produces and distributes welding mixture "Euromix". Application of this mixture allows any company to get a significant benefit from significant cost minimization during the high-quality welding. One advantage of the LTD "Cryogen" - flexible pricing policy that provides optimal prices for products.

Many industrial companies and hospitals Ryazan, Moscow and other regions are regular customers of the company. In the Ryazan region "Cryogen" works with more than 1,500 customers.



Evgeny Kokurin

Director "CRYOGEN" Group of Companies

+7 (4912) 46-46-01

Vyacheslav Kokurin

Chief Executive Officer

+7(4912) 46-46-01

Anatoliy Elshin

Chief Technical Officer

+7(4912)-46-46-01 ext. 115

Elena Orlova

Chief Financial Officer

+7(4912)-46-46-01 ext.107

Natalia Filatova

Chief Accounting Officer




OHSAS 18001 compliance
International standard, which determines requirements for health and safety management system.
ISO 9001 compliance
International standard, which determines requirements for quality management system in company.
Gas analyzers
Gas analyzers are modern instrumentation to control product grade on various stages of production process.
We have our own accredited laboratory, which provides products analysis and gas analyzers calibration.